Call for Translators

THE CALL FOR TRANSLATORS HAS NOW ENDED. Thank you most sincerely to all of the translators who volunteered to contribute to our project and to share their love of language and literature with the world :)


Earlier message: The Aistriú project is calling on translators across Europe to get involved by translating one or more of the project texts. 


Aistriú has partnered with the European Federation and Association of Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS) to ask scholars across Europe to translate the texts into various languages. In this way, millions of readers across Europe will be able to read Irish literature in their own language for the first time. 


The translations will be used as a teaching and learning resource into the future. Translators will be credited on the website and anywhere else that their translations are used publicly.


Would you like to be part of the project? Email to express your interest in the project. Tell us what texts interest you the most and what languages you would like to translate them into. 


To help you, we have provided English language translations of the texts on the website, as well as introductions to the texts and notes on the author and their language style.